Voight-Kampff machine concept design

Blade Runner 60 Voight-Kampff machine concept design

Design for Blade Runner 60's replicant detector.

Part of remaking Blade Runner involves updating the technology seen in the film.

Blade Runner made futuristic technology look old. But what we now think of as old technology  was seen as science-fiction when the original film was made

Hence the need for a new Voight-Kampff machine: this one much more portable than Deckard‘s in the film – it’s even USB powered.

Now I just have to find someone to make it.


Screenplay outline template

I’ve created a simple template for writing screenplays and outlines. It’s not got the bells and whistles that the likes of Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter or Celtx has, but it does the job.

Word screenplay outline template

Free to download and share

I made this template using Word 2004 for Mac, so it should work with any post-2004 version, and compatible programs.

You can assign paragraph styles using hotkeys. To do this click on Enable Macros when the template loads into Word.

Feel free to use, download, share and improve on the template.

If you like it, please let myself and others know about it.


EDIT: Updated download links, due to Dropbox error.

Blade Runner 60 – the origin

Screenplays are my thing – writing and editing them. I like sitting in front of a laptop, playing with words and giving life to various worlds and people who exist solely in my mind. Then I decided to do something different.

Last year I wrote a short film called Goodbye. In January I became a director and made it.

Goodbye screened at a couple of film festivals – Scotland’s Deep Fried Festival and the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland – and received warm praise.  In the following months I’ve been writing more and training myself in directing. Until last week, when I read about Done in Sixty Seconds.

Done in Sixty Seconds is a short film competition with a deceptively simple premise: remake a hit Hollywood film in under a minute. I didn’t pay it much thought. Until I left work on a rainy winter night in London.

Soho and Piccadilly Circus’ streets are surreal places in darkness. The neon-lit roads packed with every imaginable type of people.

Blade Runner should’ve been set in London. Londoners practically live in the movie,” I muttered to myself; not for the first time.

Piccadilly Circus - the real Blade Runner

Piccadilly Circus by Ian Britton (http://freefoto.com)

Then I stopped and looked around. I was standing in the middle of Blade Runner – my favourite movie. And one of the greatest ever made. A true hit.

Deckard could easily have killed Zora in one of the Trocadero’s cheap tourist trap shops, after chasing her from one of Soho’s cabaret bars. And Leon could have attacked him in that alley. Right there.

I smiled to myself.

“I am standing in the middle of Blade Runner.”

Next: Turning Blade Runner into a film shorter than its trailer.