Based on the screenplay ‘Blade Runner’ by Hampton Fletcher and David Webb Peoples.
Based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick

Cast (in order of appearance)
Roy – George Xander
Deckard – Rob Lyndon
Rachael – Ren Adams
Tyrel – Lucien Morgan
Leon – Lawrence Carmichael

Writer/Director – Richard Cosgrove
Director of Photography – Gavin Fry
Assistant Director – Roxanne Cuenca
Editor – Sara Galvao
Sound Recordist – Freddie Roche
Sound Mixer – Antonis T 

Camera/Steadicam – Rob Hart

Focus Puller –  Julie Moniere
Gaffer – Tim Jordan
Electrician – Neil Hawkins
DIT/Clapper – Oliver Rose
Boom Operator – Helen Rose Faulkner
Costume Design –  Aleissa Alba
Art Department Assistant – Ethan Webber
Make-up artists –  Kristina Micakova, Mika Swiatek, Leanne White
Third Assistant Director – Josefine Thieme
Runner –  Rachael Dipper
Fight co-ordinator – Lawrence Carmichael
‘Paradox’ and ‘Gateway to the Stars’ written and performed by Vincent Rees.


Filmed on location in London, England and Livevision Studios London.

Made with the assistance of FiLMoffice, London.

Camera and lighting equipment provided by Kitroom Monkey and Panalux.

Transport provided by City Man and Van.

© Richard Cosgrove 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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